the violence of handcrafted dolls

of Montreal/apollinaire rave
the look of the summer

the look of the summer

Lousy With Sylvianbriar

I’m so happy to say that we’ve just finished a new album! It is titled “lousy with sylvianbriar”. We recorded it in my home studio on a 24 track tape machine. It is pretty different from Paralytic Stalks. Definitely more G Parsons than K Penderecki this time around. I wrote most of the songs while on a self imposed isolation experiment in San Francisco earlier this year, and we recorded it, over a two week period, about a month after i got back to Athens. I was influenced by the poetry of Sylvia Plath (hence the reference in the title), plus artists like the Grateful Dead, Neil Young, Flying Burrito Brothers…I can’t wait to share it with you! It won’t come out until the Fall though so I just have to be patient.

"thank you Jesus for my mother,thank you bitches for my money"- no disrespect to the sluts and the dikes,and the freon boys with their bender gender, mother fuck DOMA baby never surrender…god bless us all on a lit Sunday.

reading this

i never read it in high school, or when ever it is that normal people are introduced to Faulkner, at first i threw it across the room in frustration, then i did a little research and tried again, now i’m fully engaged

one of my icons

one of the most over looked bands in pop music history, the Minders fuckin kick it. 

my great friend, and one of my biggest contemporary inspirations, roman gianarthur just let this one escape the mines. luv it! 

supposedly there is a fox in my hood with rabies, it is a man biter, at least that is purported to have happened down by our polluted river, i saw the fox sprinting past me in the middle of the day yesterday, which seems sort of abnormal, but i was on my cruiser bike, so i felt protected, 

there is rumor of a cougar in our midst, it makes insane noises, and i think i’ve seen it while on my cruiser bike as well, at night, while exercising my trophydog, it was long and hunched and fast and it’s shadowy form gave a mocking,



dangerous impression,

the deer do not seem disturbed, they graze in family groups and appear to remain close to accepting hand feedings, the squirrels are committed to their battles and neuroses and the raccoons have discovered i occasionally throw away old cereal,

the owl swooped me one night, i was on foot, jogging on feet that is, i wondered if it was a “sign”, i contemplated the owl’s message as i trudged up the hills listening to Motley Crue’s Too Fast For Love,

some animals swoop but can’t lurk, some lurk but can’t swoop, and all are actively awaiting, with a fulfilling dread, the moment of liberation from physical forms, of which occasional ushers are foxes with foaming mouths,

adorable little furry zombie things